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2,500 British right-wing newspaper articles concerned with topic of speaking English analysed: stories express "sentiments of exclusion and discrimination" against people from minority linguistic and ethnic backgrounds 

It said the news item was premised on “out of context” statements. The document “rejected the report especially its title”. The ministry said both Pakistan and China had reiterated their “all-weather strategic partnership” and reaffirmed commitment to CPEC during foreign minister Wang’s visit. Pakistan should undertake reforms the way China did “Pakistan reassured the Chinese side that CPEC is a national priority. China also highlighted the significance of CPEC… There is complete unanimity on the future of CPEC.” Statements attributed to Dawood have been taken out of context and distorted. Pakistan-China relations are impregnable. The government’s commitment to CPEC is unwavering, it added. Meanwhile China’s embassy in Islamabad also took notice of the FT report. “The Chinese Embassy in Islamabad has taken notice of the report in Financial Times regarding remarks by the honorable Adviser Razzak Dawood on the CPEC as well as the clarification issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Textile of Pakistan,” it said. “It is a firm consensus between China and Pakistan that CPEC is a mutually beneficial project and both the governments will carry it forward according to the needs of Pakistan and for the development of Pakistan,” the Embassy said in a statement.

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An exemption “for journalistic purpose” is provided in Section 47 saying that where the processing of personal data is necessary for or relevant to a journalistic purpose, the provisions of Chapters II to VIII of the Act shall not apply, except SS 4 and 31. Section 27(2) disappoints. It says Section 27(1) applies only where the journalist demonstrates that the processing is in compliance with any code of ethics issued by — (a) the Press Council of India, or (b) any media self-regulatory organisation. This means the journalist has to prove that privacy was taken care (Section 4) and all safeguards prescribed were complied with (Section 31). Journalistic publication will be dependent upon the opinion of a dealing clerk or adjudicating officer. These are additional pre-publication restrictions on citizens and media which were never contemplated by the Constitution and rejected by the judiciary. The penalty provisions are severe and costly. Section 74 gives the power to impose a penalty to the adjudicating officer after an inquiry, besides facilitating compensation (Section 75). Failure to adhere to security standards (Section 31) might lead to a penalty of up to Rs 5 crore (Section 69).

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