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Google employees wanted to change search results after Trump travel ban

636580122605547229-IMG-4029.jpg The newspaper reported that employees in January 2017 wanted to counter what they saw as “islamophobic, algorithmically biased results from search terms ‘Islam’, ‘Muslim’, ’Iran’, etc.” and “prejudiced, algorithmically biased search results from search terms `Mexico’, `Hispanic’, `Latino’, etc."  Google says none of the ideas were implemented. “Google has never manipulated its search results or modified any of its products to promote a particular political ideology -- not in the current campaign season, not during the 2016 election, and not in the aftermath of President Trump’s executive order on immigration," the company said in a statement to USA TODAY. Google has a corporate culture where staffers are encouraged to express themselves freely but periodically has faced accusations that the political views of its staff, which slant liberal, shape its influential search engine. In this case, a group of employees brainstormed ways to change the online debate on immigration in emails on Jan. 29, two days after Trump first signed the executive order. One executive cautioned those taking part in the discussion, according to the Wall Street Journal. “This is a highly political issue, so we need to remain fair and balanced and present facts,” the executive wrote. “Very much in favor of Google stepping up, but just have a few questions on this,” including “how partisan we want to be on this,” a public affairs executive wrote. Another company official chimed in: “We’re absolutely in…Anything you need,” the Journal reported.  No action was taken, Google says. The emails were later posted in an online group and then leaked. "Our processes and policies would not have allowed for any manipulation of search results to promote political ideologies," the company said. The revelation that Google employees discussed changing search results comes after Breitbart News released a video of a 2016 all-hands meeting at Google in which senior executives expressed dismay at Trump's election win. The leaked video added fuel to charges leveled by Trump and some on the political right that Google is biased against conservatives.  Google's corporate position on immigration has been public and consistent. Google's Sundar Pichai was one of a number of chief executives who spoke out after Trump's travel ban.

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